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AHS grad coaches archery students of all ages, skill levels
Source: Alameda Journal /Inside Bay Area article | Date: February 2014

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Business Hours & Calendar

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – 3:00 – 9:00 (Open Shooting 3-7:00, Advanced League Night 7:30-9 – Retail Store and Pro Shop is closed during this time)

Wednesday – 3:00 – 9:00 (Open Shooting 3-7, Reservations for Practice 7-9, Retail Store and Pro Shop open 3-9)

Thursday – 3:00 – 9:00 (Open Shooting 3-7, Reservations for Practice 7-9, Retail Store and Pro Shop open 3-9)

Friday – 12:00 – 6:00 (Open Shooting 12-6, Retail Store and Pro Shop open 12-6)

Saturday – 12:00 – 6:00 (Morning Lessons, Open Shooting 12-6, Retail Store and Pro Shop open 12-6

Sunday - Closed

Indoor Range – Experienced Adult Archers Only
Use of our Indoor Range during Open Shooting and Reservations is limited to Experienced Adult Archers Only. You must meet the following requirements:

  1. Adults Only. Youth 14 years of age and older must be accompanied by a certified and insured instructor, or be granted special privileges from the shop owner. No exceptions.
  2. You must have taken an Ohlone Archery Beginner Class within the last two weeks, and/or have a “Shooting Pass” on file. If it’s been more than two weeks since your lesson you will be required to participate in a Range Safety and Range Etiquette “reorientation” during your first 15 minutes of range time.
  3. In lieu of no. 2, you must have had a lesson elsewhere within the last two weeks. You will be required to participate in a Range Safety and Range Etiquette Orientation for 15 minutes of your first hour of range time. Our ability to provide first-time range orientation or reorientation is subject to availability and rarely available during peak range use periods. 

Ohlone Archery is closed on all major holidays – hours of Operation are dynamically updated on Yelp and Google to accurately reflect holidays and closures. Also be sure to download our free App from the App Store or Googleplay for push notifications; announcements are also made on our Facebook page and Twitter.

Experienced Archer Open Shooting is first come, first served. Experienced Archer reservations are available during peak hours and are the best way to ensure you’ll never have to wait or waste a trip to the range – click the BOOK NOW button above. Purchase a prepay Shooting Pass or pay at the door (what you see on the calendar is what is available) – reserve as many of the published available spots as you like. PLEASE NOTIFY ME IF YOU MAKE A RESERVATION AND THEN NEED TO CANCEL. The range is available by appointment weekdays Tue. - Thurs. until 3:00 for Private Events, Lessons, and Coaching - please contact me by email for information:

Lane Rental

Experienced Adult Archers Only – see above

  • Shooting Rates: $12 per hour with your own equipment, $17 per hour if you rent equipment.
  • Loyalty and Prepay “Shooting Pass” Discounts available – ask us for details!
  • Reserve an evening lane by clicking the "Book Now" link above and reserve as many one-hour time slots as you want – the registration form will let you know if we are full.
  • Beginner Lessons are not available during these times; no lane sharing or partial hours.

Group Beginner Lessons

  • $35 per hour per person all equipment provided. Adults Only.
  • We schedule group beginner lessons on Saturdays; check the “Book Now” page to see what’s available each week.
  • We are also available for private group lessons and events on or offsite – contact us for information.
  • Lessons are not available during “Open Shooting” or evening “Lane Reservation” times.

Private Lessons & Coaching

Ohlone Archery is proud to offer the coaching services of a number of USA Archery L1, L2, and L3 Certified Instructors and Coaches. Please visit the “Community” page of the Ohlone Archery Blog and check out the “Coaches and Certified Instructors” info listed there.

Bow Purchase Program

Ohlone Archery offers you the opportunity to try out a number of different Traditional Recurve and Longbow demo bows if you are considering buying a bow. Nico will personally advise and fit you and help you make an informed choice. If you decide to buy your bow from Ohlone Archery all quality check and set up services come free of charge, otherwise our setup/fitting/consultation rate is $50 per hour. Your bow will be ordered with expedited shipping and be ready for you to shoot within 7-10 days. Ohlone Archery is a small low-volume retailer and cannot offer package deals or discounts, but our prices match those of the major online distributors. Your custom arrow purchase will not only be expertly fit to you and your bow, but you will also choose from a wide variety of feather and nock colors.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of archery! Gift Certificates are available in any amount you want – we can even personalize them! Ask for details in person or send us an email!




Ohlone Archery is an indoor range and pro shop with something for everyone. Our ten, 20-yard lanes feature ©Rinehart Brick Wall target butts for the advanced archer, and we can set up as many as eight, 10 to 15-yard lanes on portable target butts for those who want or need shorter distances. We can even set up 30-yard lanes for private sessions!

The pro shop carries an affordable line of beginner to intermediate traditional bows, gear, tackle, and other archery supplies. It would be my honor to help you select your first bow, set it up, and personally build you a set of custom arrows! I do not sell or service Compound bow equipment.

Ohlone Archery is an owner-operated business. Lessons are available every Saturday morning. Open Shooting and Lane Reservations are offered throughout the week - see the Range Hours, Calendar & Registration page for the schedule.

The primary focus of Ohlone Archery is to provide an enjoyable shooting experience. The environment is fun and non-intimidating, but offers plenty of opportunity for friendly competition and skill development. For most people, shooting well is fun - so ongoing coaching is available whenever you want it. I also take pride in helping you match and tune your Traditional equipment for optimum performance. Achievement and competition awards are available to those who wish to track their progress.

Ohlone Archery is named as a tribute to the indigenous people of the Central California Coast who roamed this area with the bow and arrow for thousands of years before us. I highly recommend The Ohlone Way by Malcolm Margolin if you want to learn about their legacy. I make no claim to representing the Ohlone People or their culture, I am simply proud to create a place name in their honor. The website landing page photo was taken in Alameda’s Lincoln Park next to a monument dedicated to one of the largest Ohlone burial mounds in the East Bay, the place where I learned of the Ohlone as a child.

Chief Fletching Officer

I am certified by USA Archery as a Level 3 NTS Coach. “NTS” is the National Training System used to train the United States Olympic Archery Team. I enjoy outdoor Field Archery the most and compete in tournaments throughout the year – follow Ohlone Archery on Facebook for news and photos!





Barebow Archery

Barebow archery is rapidly increasing in popularity. For example, Barebow registrations at the Vegas Shoot have been increasing every year, and in 2017, Barebow registrations doubled the previous record. At the local level there are also significant increases in the number of Barebow (as distinct from traditional recurve) archers; and even the traditional recurve archers are using the advanced risers that are designed for Barebow use, due to their better balance and inherent stability.

Ohlone Archery is your Barebow “Home Gym” and Pro Shop! We have an experienced and competitive Barebow archery community, and we have a couple of Coaches/Certified Instructors who offer Barebow archery classes and advanced private instruction.

Ohlone Archery is proud to be the exclusive West Coast distributor for CD Archery Barebow risers. Many of the Barebow archers here shoot the CD Archery riser competitively, including shop Owner Nico Gallegos. Ohlone Archery has RH and LH 19” and 25” demo models available for you to “test drive” with a small variety of draw weight and limb length options, or you can try one with your own limbs. Click the logo above and visit the CD Archery website for technical information. Please contact Nico by email to schedule a demo or with questions –

Check out this video of CD Archery co-owner DeWayne Martin shooting in the Barebow finals at the 2017 Lancaster Archery Classic!:

Don’t purchase an Olympic style ILF riser for Recurve or Barebow shooting until you’ve tried a CD Archery riser. These risers are high-tech, they look cool, and you won’t believe how well they perform!

What is Barebow Archery?

Barebow archery is both a generic (lower case b) and specific (upper case B) term. Generically speaking, it refers to shooting a bow without a sight. This generally refers to a Longbow or Recurve bow but can in certain contexts also refer to a compound bow. The rules for competition Barebow vary across the main governing bodies, NFAA (IFAA), USArchery (World Archery), and IBO (In IBO, it is called Recurve Unaided) but in all these organizations, Barebow is a more technical shooting style than traditional recurve/longbow. While sights and other physical sighting aids are not allowed, various forms of field craft, including string walking and face walking, are allowed and are common. (Also, NFAA allows compound bows and advanced stabilizers.) The field craft techniques of Barebow archery are considered enough of an advantage over traditional recurve archery that many competitions consider them a separate shooting division.



Contact & Location


Nico Gallegos

Contact me by email if you're interested in lessons, classes, or general information about getting started in archery.

Sorry, I am not available by phone.


2301 Verna Court
San Leandro, CA 94577

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Our range address is 2301 Verna Court, San Leandro, CA 94577, on the corner of Marina Blvd and Verna Court. We are conveniently located off of the Marina Blvd. West exit from highway 880. We are one block past the intersection of Marina Blvd. and Merced Street on the left hand side if traveling West on Marina Blvd. We are less than 5 miles from Oakland International Airport.

There is plenty of convenient parking in the lot right in front of our door (under the big redwood trees) and street parking on Verna Court. Please be courteous to our neighbors and avoid parking in the spaces directly in front of their entrances during normal business hours. Look for the silver “Mobile Archery Camp” van with the Ohlone Archery cab top sign.


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Nico Gallegos

Contact me by email if you're interested in lessons, classes, or general information about getting started in archery.

Sorry, I am not available by phone.


2301 Verna Court
San Leandro, CA 94577

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Special thanks to John Lomibao Design for making our logo.

Another thanks to MJS Web Solutions for maintaining our website.