Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nico Gallegos, the Owner and CFO (Chief Fletching Officer). I am at the shop 100% of the time and look forward to meeting you. I will personally teach you how to shoot if you take a Saturday Morning Explore Archery Beginner Lesson, and I will personally build your arrows by hand myself (among other services) if you order a set.

Ohlone Archery is a Single String (Recurve, Longbow, Barebow) Community. The business includes a spacious, heated and air conditioned  indoor range, single string archery pro shop, and single string archery retail store. I started the business doing “pop up” lessons in 2011, and opened my first shop in 2014. The community evolved from there.

I am certified by USA Archery as a Level 3 NTS Coach. “NTS” is the National Training System used to train the United States Olympic Archery Team. I am passionate about and LIVE for archery – if I’m not serving you (or someone else), I may very well shoot a few rounds with you! I shoot a hand crafted Legends Bows Cyclone longbow made right here in the good old U.S. of A. I shoot “off the shelf” with both carbon and wood arrows. I trust Wapiti Archery to build me beautiful, high-performing wood arrows.

Ohlone Archery is named as a tribute to the indigenous people of the Central California Coast who roamed this area with the bow and arrow for thousands of years before us. If you want to know more, I highly recommend the book The Ohlone Way by Malcolm Margolin. I do not claim to represent the Ohlone People or their culture, I am simply proud to create a place name in their honor. The website landing page photo was taken in Alameda at Lincoln Park next to a monument dedicated to one of the largest Ohlone burial mounds in the East Bay, the place where I learned of the Ohlone as a child.

The Ohlone Archery logo was designed by John Lomibao. I don’t mean to get all Davinci Code on you, but John took one of my favorite mythological symbols, the temenos (teh-may-noss) and modified it after interviewing me about what archery meant to me. Age-old magical effects lie hidden in this symbol; it is derived from the “protective circle” or “charmed circle”, whose magic has been preserved in countless folk customs. Temenos is Greek for a sacred domain, a sacred precinct, or temple enclosure, or the spellbinding center of a circle. Carl Jung posited archetypal properties symbolizing the form of a circle in a square, and the eye (pupil and iris). I originally came across a version of the symbol claiming to be a “universal” native american symbol (how is that possible?) for the eye of a medicine man, but have not found confirmation of that claim.

You won’t find this anywhere else – the Ohlone Archery “Cave Wall” – artwork designed to “be one with” and compliment the concrete wall of the space. 320 square feet of prehistoric cave drawing images (one reportedly dated to 20,000 BCE) digitally reproduced and scaled to express the archetypal spirit of archery.