Accessibility Policies

General Overview

The indoor range at Ohlone Archery is accessible to archers of all abilities. The facility is ADA compliant. There are minimum criteria that all archers need to meet regardless of ability.

  1. The archer needs to be able to understand written and spoken English enough to be able to read or be told (by a self-provided translator if necessary) the Range Safety Rules and Range Etiquette, understand them, and the archer must be able to comply.
  2. To prevent damage to the equipment and facility, the archer must be able to at a minimum keep his or her arrows on the 4 foot by 4 foot target bale without missing it repeatedly. The target butts are portable and can be moved to any distance to accommodate any shooting ability and comply with this rule.
  3. There is a two minute time limit per end of arrows; all archers regardless of ability must limit the number of arrows to that which they can shoot within two minutes.

These minimum criteria ensure the safety of all, preserve the facility, and ensure that all that pay for the privilege to shoot at the range get the proper value and experience for their money.

Accommodation Procedures

All archers needing special accommodations are asked to send a written request prior to coming to the range. With proper advanced communication and planning, just about any disability can be accommodated; the criteria above need to be met, and the accommodation needs to be financially viable for the business.

Accommodation Limitations

Ohlone Archery is not financially able to alter the facility beyond what has been described above, and is not financially able to purchase special equipment or modify existing rental equipment. Ohlone Archery is not financially able to hire special or additional staff to accommodate a disability.

Personal Coaches, Translators, and Support People

If an archer needs a personal coach or other support person to be present with them while they shoot, that person must meet the same requirements as all other coaches, instructors, and guardians who work with people at Ohlone Archery. The coach or support person must be certified as a USA Archery Level 1 Instructor or higher, must have her or his own liability insurance, and must provide a written Certificate of Insurance naming Ohlone Archery as an Additional Insured. All coaches & Support People will be “vetted” by me personally before engaging in coaching activities at Ohlone Archery.