The Barebow Archery Development (BBAD) Program is a goal-driven archery training program for barebow archers of all ages. The primary purpose of the program is to develop barebow archery skills sufficient for participation in outdoor Field Archery.

Archers who join this program should:

  • Have their own equipment (minimum 20 LB draw weight)
  • Have 3 or more months of JOAD Program experience (youth)
  • Have an interest in competing
  • Enjoy hiking outdoors in a wooded environment
  • Have the personal motivation to create and work on goals with minimal guidance, at least twice per week

BBAD Goals Sheet

The program runs in monthly cycles. Prior to the start of each month participants will establish and review goals with their coach then spend the first three weeks of the month working on those goals in a supportive environment. The month will culminate with an indoor competition, and the group will meet up once per month at the Redwood Bowmen Club (or elsewhere) for an Amateur Field Archery Round.

To participate, sign up for each of the 4 weeks prior to the beginning of each month. No extra payment is required beyond the purchase of a Shooting Pass (4, 6, or 8 hour), a notebook, and a $10 cash donation to the Redwood Bowmen Club on the day each month’s meet up.

For more information contact Nico via email – or via the CONTACT form on the Ohlone Archery website.