Paul Fender

Paul Fender (a.k.a. “Coach Biff”), World Champion

My name is Paul Fender and I have been shooting Traditional Longbow and Recurve for about 15 years now. During that time, I have taken a several State, National, and International level wins. I have set a few records as well, including an International Field Archery Association World Record.

Although not a certified coach I have been lucky enough to have learned from some of the best here in the Bay area. I have worked to introduce new people to Archery, and to get those who aren’t so new back on track when they need it.

Whether a person is new or if they have already been shooting for some time I focus on grounding oneself in the basics, such as “9 Steps to the 10 Ring.” However my strengths have always been in the technical and psychological aspects of Archery. I believe that once an Archer gets to a certain point they can “level up” by beginning to pay attention to the details, both with their equipment, and within themselves.

In that spirit, I would like to offer here some excellent guides to bow tuning for those who wish to begin learning about tuning. I would recommend reading the one on Bow Tuning by O.L. Adcock first.

I live in Lake Co. California, but for those who want to bump up their game, contact can be made through Nico here at Ohlone Archery.

Aaron Buchanan

Aaron Buchanan, USA Archery L1 Certified Instructor

AAron enjoys the fun and relaxation of archery when he is not making things, breaking things, or fixing things at his engineering job. Occasionally he shoots well enough to win ribbons and plaques, but has fun even on bad archery days. Though AAron is a Level 1 archery instructor who likes to help Nico with beginner classes, he doesn’t usually give private lessons.  But he is always willing to answer questions or give tips and advice, so say Hi to him at the Ohlone Archery range.