Who are the East Bay Barebow Archers (EBBA)? An archery team for people who identify as girls, women, and fems. We have two age divisions: 13 to 17, and 18 to 24. All levels of experience are welcome including novices. We shoot exclusively barebow (without sights).

Mission Statement

To provide quality barebow archery training for girls and women. To empower each student with knowledge of archery form, technique, and equipment management. To honor each student’s unique capabilities and learning style. To foster leadership among team members and assist any who are interested in becoming coaches or leaders.

Requirements for Participation

  1. Commitment. We know there are a lot of opportunities for study in the Bay Area, but this art requires focus and consistent practice. We meet twice weekly, team members are expected to attend practices and to compete. We practice indoors during Winter, Fall, and part of Spring. We frequently shoot outdoors in Summer. We honor and respect standard, personal, and religious holidays for each student.

Practice times are Thursdays 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. and Saturdays 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. During outdoor season, some Saturday mornings. Competitions are usually held on Sundays.

2. Competition. We compete in two fundamental ways. First and foremost you will be trained to compete with yourself; to set scoring goals and strive for your personal best outcomes. Second, you will be required to attend a minimum of 2 competitive events per year as part of the team. These events require traveling to an outdoor range location in Northern California. Sometimes your personal best is enough to “place” at an event, often it is not. You will learn through coaching and experience how to bring your personal best to competitive events and how to be satisfied with that. Being competitive at a HIGH level requires more than two sessions a week of practice – your program range fees allow for unlimited practice at Ohlone Archery if you so desire.

3. Presence. We expect you to be present with yourself and the rest of the team. During practice, you will be asked to silence and put away your device(s) and fully engage in this experience.

Additional Information & FAQ’s for Interested Participants

EBBA was created by Kari Napoli and Nico Gallegos. They are the main instructors of this team and program. Kari has been practicing archery for six years and created the Targeting Anxiety class at Ohlone Archery. She has a passion for the practice and specializes in form. Nico is the owner and Club President of Ohlone Archery. He is a lifetime archer who competes at the Regional, State, and National level in the barebow style.

Our Team has a Motto: “I got this”

On your best days and on your worst days you got this. We’ll teach you about showing up for yourself on your worst days, and how to manage feeling intimidated, frustrated, and disappointed. Show up, shoot your best, have FUN!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be athletic to be an archer?

Nope, not really. Yes, you have to pull back a bow, but we’ll teach you how to use the right body mechanics and how to work up your strength slowly.

Do I have to be team oriented to be on the team?

Nope, not really. If you are looking for a practice that magically combines the ability to work alone while being in the company of like minded people: archery might be for you.

What if I wear glasses?

We will still like you and you can shoot with those glasses.

What if I’m anxious or have other emotional issues?

Archery is a great practice for honing calm and focus.

What if I decide I want to try a different kind of archery like Olympic style or compound?

We are a very connected community within a larger community of other archery enthusiasts and coaches. We will gladly introduce you to people who shoot other styles. EBBA team only trains & competes barebow style, so if you choose to shoot another style exclusively, you will forfeit your place on the team. BUT, we will be supportive of this decision. There are a couple of Olympic style clubs that train at Ohlone Archery – you may want to join one of them.

Will we be working towards hunting?

No, EBBA will not be teaching you to hunt. There are 3D target competitions, you will have the right to opt out of those. This is not a hunting group.


We are working on raising funds so we can offer as many scholarships as possible. We intend to open 10 positions on the team. The cost of the program is $100.00 per month per archer. This fee includes coaching, range time, and starter equipment.