Can I drop in and just try archery or get a lesson?

Unfortunately no. My Saturday morning “Explore Archery” beginner lessons are very thorough and fun – read my 5 Star Yelp Reviews; my lessons are so popular that they fill up 2-4 weeks in advance. It takes 20-30 minutes of focused, highly supervised instruction to properly teach someone how to shoot safely and with good form (to prevent injury) – I simply cannot do that during normal business hours (Saturday morning lessons take place before the shop opens to the public). If Saturday mornings don’t fit your schedule, there are coaches who offer “semi-private” lessons during normal business hours – click HERE to contact one of them.

Are Compound Bows Allowed at Ohlone Archery?

Unfortunately no. Ohlone Archery is a single string (Recurve, Longbow, Barebow) indoor archery range. Because of the target butts I use, I only offer single spot targets, and the maximum allowable draw weight is 50 LBS. Only standard diameter arrows are allowed – no “fat shafts.” I don’t sell or service compound bows. The range operates on a 2 minute per end time limit (see the Range Rules and Range Etiquette lists on the Indoor Range page). Here in the SF Bay Area, I highly recommend Archery Only, Fat Shafts Archery, and Pacifica Archery for all of your compound bow needs.

What does “Experienced Only” Mean?

It means that you have taken MY beginner lesson or one that I know about within the last 2-3 weeks if you are new to archery. If you have been shooting for a while, it means that you will have respect for and the presence of mind while shooting to follow my Range Safety Rules and Range Etiquette (see Indoor Range page). It means that you can keep your arrows on the 4′ x 4′ target butt at 10 yards (or 20 if that’s how far you shoot) and not repeatedly put arrows in the backstop, or ever in the walls or ceiling.

Why are you an Adults Only facility?

Ohlone Archery is a place for grownups. I do offer a JOAD program for youth – the ideal age is 14 or older. Young folks who are part of a formal program like our JOAD Club might be able to shoot here under the supervision of a certified and insured instructor. The youth approved to shoot here must be mature enough to be part of a grownup environment. Coaches must be respectful of others shooting here and not create disruptive commotion for those who are trying to concentrate.

Why don’t you have a phone number?

I am a one man, owner-operator business. I don’t have employees. My customer service approach is to personally engage with each person who comes in the door to the best of my ability, given the number of people needing service at any given time. In addition to retail sales, my business includes an indoor archery range that I oversee, where people of varying abilities are shooting a weapon – an activity that has safety implications that I take very seriously.

Decades of retail sales experience has taught me that interacting with customers by phone can take precious time away from the people who are standing in front of me. This is fine when there are multiple people attending to customers needs, not so when there is only one. I am here 100% of the time; this is my place, my livelihood, my passion – I look forward to meeting you and serving your traditional archery needs.

I am obsessive about reading and responding to email – you will get a reply from me faster than you are used to. Email is the perfect medium for giving you detailed information in response to your questions. If sending an email is inconvenient, use the form on my Contact page. I promise, I’ll reply very fast, multiple times if necessary!

Why so much emphasis on missing the target butt, what’s the big deal?

When you miss at an outdoor range, your arrow just goes in the grass or the bushes. Consequences are greater at indoor ranges when you miss; walls and other fixtures get damaged, arrows get bent, etc. Sure, we all miss sometimes, but repeated misses indicate a lack of shooting control. Indoor ranges are set up for occasional misses, not repeated ones. At Ohlone Archery you can move the portable target butts further away in small increments – this allows you to learn how to adjust your aim, etc. without damaging my place or my equipment. All butts have two targets on them, so if the lanes are full you may not be able to make incremental distance adjustments until you can have a two-lane butt all to yourself.