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The Ohlone Archery Pro Shop is here to serve all of your Single String (Recurve, Longbow, Barebow) Archery needs – sorry, I do not sell or service Compound bows. I personally perform all of the services listed below.


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In most cases I will perform a bare shaft test with you and your bow to determine the proper length and spine (stiffness) for your setup – this is a dynamic process that takes all of your particular variables into account. I do not simply consult a chart. I keep a large variety of arrow building materials on hand and can usually build your arrows within a day or two after testing. You get to select from a wide variety of feather or vane colors!

My standard stock consists of good quality aluminum and carbon (standard and skinny diameter) arrow shafts, 3″ parabolic feathers, 2.25″ low profile vanes, inserts and screw in field points (glue in points for the skinny shafts), and a full variety of nock colors.

Pre-fletched lower quality and cost  “starter” arrows are available, as well as higher quality aluminum and carbon shafts. I can also order larger or different shaped vanes and feathers. I do not fletch arrows with “Spin Wing” or “Curly Vane” style fletching.

I can re-fletch and repair your arrows for a standard shop rate fee plus materials; I may need to order your components if I don’t have them in stock.

Bow Setup and Repair

For a standard shop rate fee I can professionally install essential items on your bow such as arrow rests (shelf style as well as elevated rests) and standard crimp-on brass string nock locators (I don’t offer tie-on nock locator service). I can re-serve your string, but it is often cheaper to buy a new one. I can set your bow brace height. If you don’t know what any of this means you need my help.

Bow Strings

In addition to stocking and selling good quality manufactured bow strings I make custom endless loop strings by hand. I use good quality D-97 (Dyneema) string and serving material in a variety of colors. I do not offer blended color string options. I use only black B-50 Dacron material for older bows with non-reinforced limb tips. I can make your string with any strand count you want for that perfect nock fit, and of the perfect length to achieve your desired brace height.

Bow Tuning

In addition to setting proper brace height and nock locator position, I can help you tune your adjustable ILF bow. I can install and adjust your adjustable arrow rest, install and tune your plunger, increase or decrease your draw weight within allowable limits, and even adjust your tiller for special purposes such as string walking. This is a very time intensive service and is best done by appointment. Standard shop rate fees apply. There are a number of posts on the Ohlone Archery Blog about this subject – check them out!

Price List

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