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The Ohlone Archery Single String (Recurve, Longbow, Barebow) Retail Store is more like a kiosk for Lancaster Archery Supply. I keep a small inventory of essential Single String gear and tackle on hand (see short list below). I am not a showroom or high-volume retailer – my retail services are offered as a service convenience to my loyal community, and an advisory service to those new to purchasing archery stuff. I am here to expertly fit and outfit you, help you make good decisions, and make sure you get the right stuff. PLEASE do yourself a favor – don’t buy stuff online because it looks like a better deal. For a small service fee I’ll help you make an informed decision.

If you buy your bow from me I will personally show you how to set it up, break it down and care for it – personal, high quality service that comes with the purchase. Otherwise I can set your bow up for a service fee if you buy it somewhere else.

My prices are the same as what you see on the LAS website. If you purchase from me you pay tax, from them directly you might pay shipping, so it usually comes out the same. I only pass shipping costs on to you if you need your stuff in a hurry.

I do not offer discounts or package deals, please don’t ask.

I have a sufficient inventory of wood and ILF recurve and longbow demo bows on hand for you to try in various lengths and draw weights – but I don’t have everything. I have enough on hand to help you understand the differences and “try before you buy.”

If I don’t have what you want in stock, I can order it from LAS and have it for you within a week, faster if you want to pay for expedited shipping.

If you are looking for a top of the line, professional ILF Recurve bow, I am the exclusive West Coast Distributor for CD Archery Barebow risers! I have right and left hand demo bows for you to try. You owe it to yourself to try one of these bows before buying an Olympic style ILF bow for Barebow archery!

Retail Store Stock Short List

Many of these items come in a variety of colors, all of which I do not stock. If I don’t have the color you want, I can easily order it for you!

Like bows, you can “try before you buy” most of this stuff.

  • Arm Guards (basic cloth, leather, extra long)
  • Arrow Building Supplies (shafts, inserts, points, feathers, vanes, glue, nocks, etc.)
  • Arrow Rests (elevated and shelf)
  • Arrow Totes
  • Bow Cases (basic, back packs, and bow socks)
  • Bow Squares
  • Bow Stringers (two styles)
  • Finger Tabs (split finger and 3 under)
  • Quivers (hip and field)
  • Shooting Gloves (cloth, thin leather, thick leather)

See Pro Shop Price List below for pricing on some items; contact me with questions.

Pro Shop Price List

Ohlone Archery Shirts!

I am proud to offer a full line of OA Wear designed and supplied by Kerry Kingdon, one of the sponsored archers of the Ohlone Archery Competition Team!

Purchase directly from Kerry’s online store (click the photo!):