Field Archery

Field Archery

Field Archery is the most enjoyable way to practice archery. You get to hike in the woods and shoot your bow. This page is a resource for those new to Field Archery; I hope the information here helps you get the most out of it!

Click HERE to access a blog post about general guidelines for enjoying an outdoor range Field Archery Course if you are new to it or haven’t been formally oriented to one.

The standard Field Archery course layout includes stakes (shooting positions) set at distances from 10 to 80 yards. Click HERE to access a blog post with guidelines for our Traditional Field Archery Round with distances from 10 to 30 yards.

Click HERE for a link the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) website. Among the many things you’ll find helpful here is the most current copy of the NFAA Constitution & Bylaws which will tell you everything you need to know about NFAA Field Archery rules.

Click HERE for a link to our State Chapter of NFAA, The California Bowmen Hunters. Among the many things you’ll find helpful here is the Event Calendar telling you where all the upcoming shoots are, and the Clubs and Pro Shops map showing you ALL of the places you can shoot!