Traditional Archery Tuning

If you decide you want to take your Traditional Archery to the next level (beyond recreational enjoyment) you will most likely want to focus more on your equipment. The attached Traditional Archery Tuning document provides a comprehensive overview of the relationship between the bow, the arrows, and the string. These are very important fundamentals, THEY MATTER in a very technical way. As the author explains, our goal is to create the most forgiving setup we can accomplish without sacrificing efficiency.

If your Traditional Archery setup will include the use of a plunger, you need to familiarize your self with Tuning For Tens.

If you buy a set of custom built arrows from Ohlone Archery I will bare shaft test your setup to ensure you get the best possible arrows for your bow, whether you are recreational or more serious. You can also schedule a private session to work through a more comprehensive tuning of your equipment.

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